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Wednesday 14 March 2012

How to print on fabric, or, big dog on little pillow

Every day when I sit on my couch I look at the chair standing opposite, and every day I think that there is
something missing.

I wanted a little pillow with a photo on it, but nobody here sells fabric you can officially print on. So today I
decided to just print on any old fabric and see what happens.

It worked like a charm (although it will probably disappear when I wash it).

Here in more detail how to do it:

I first took a picture of one of my dogs, cut out the head in photoshop and put the head onto a blank document.
I then added some flowers that I cut out from yesterdays wreath pictures:

I cut a piece of thin cotton the same size as an A4 paper, glued the fabric on the paper, and fed it into the printer:

I then took the paper off again and sewed the fabric onto a plain white pillow case with thick embroidery yarn:

And here it is now on the 'empty' chair:

Have a fun day!

Lots of love,


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  1. This is such a great idea Jutta!!! This idea can be used for various projects!!

    I'm following you too :)

    Make sure to head back over to my blog and share this at my Party!!

    Christine xoxo

  2. this is great. I never thought to print on fabric this way. What type of adhesive did you use when you adhered the fabric to the printer paper?

  3. Great idea and it looks wonderful. Just one thing that I have heard from a printing specialist with whom I talked about using different materials to print on: he said, one can do it, but it will/can damage the printer heads, because they are so sensitive and severely shorten the printer's lifespan...
    At school we used thinners to rub off images from Newspapers and magazines onto paper (from the reverse side), I have done that onto material/textile as well, and it works well. (Never washed it though).

  4. What a Lovely pillow!!
    And in case you get worried about your printer heads or washing, I have some sheets of transfer paper for white or colored fabrics. Just let me know if you like some for another project / pillow, in case you would like to do one for all your dogs and cats (and chicken) :-). Big HUG

  5. Adorable cushion! I really want to try printing onto fabric but since the printer I use isn't mine (it belongs to my parents) I would be in immense trouble if I broke it (and it's a really temperamental printer lol)

  6. Your pillow turned out lovely. It add a nice touch to the chair.

  7. How can I not love a dog pillow! Very cute!

  8. Liebe Jutta,

    wow, Du hast tolle Ideen, wie Du Dir selbst helfen kannst. Das Kissen finde ich richtig klasse.
    Ja, das Zpagetti-Garn ist lustig. Daraus kann man bestimmt auch ein Kissen häkeln, es ist ein bisschen schwierig, das Garn da durch zu ziehen.Aber vielleicht ist das immer so beim Häkeln? Jedenfalls bringt es Spaß und ich haben einen hübschen Badezimmerteppich.

    Ganz liebe Grüße


  9. WHa ta great idea. I've never tried printing on fabric. Love this idea!


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