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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hide the pumpkin

It is autumn here in Namibia and pumpkins are in season.

Every week I get a crate full of organic veggies, and at the moment it contains mainly spinach and lovely orange

They are beautiful, fresh, organic, healthy, cheap and delicious, and nobody in my family likes them.

By now I am relatively successful at hiding the spinach which my family also doesn't like (the freezer is full of canelloni),
so today I am on a mission to hide the pumpkin amongst a chicken and cream pasta.

To make the pasta, start by cutting the pumpkin into segments (this is relatively easy to do when the pumpkin
is fresh but nearly impossible when it is older, which is also why I do not want to have it lying around for long before
using it).

 Take the seads out and cut the skin off.

Then cut the pumpkin into small pieces. Place them on a tray coated with olive oil and bake them at 200 degrees C
(390 Fahrenheit) for about 15 minutes or until soft.

In the meantime, slice some chicken breast, put it in a bowl, add lemon juice, some olive oil and any spices you like
and let sit for a while. Also cook some pasta.

 Fry the chicken, add the pumpkin and add some cream when it is nearly done.

Mix and enjoy!

After lunch:

It did not quite work with hiding the pumpkin. Although I found the pasta delicious it did taste just like what it was,
pumpkin and chicken, and my family wasn't thrilled.

My man suggested I make pumpkin cake out of the next one we get.

I will give it a try, but seeing that he doesn't like pumpkin and he doesn't like cake I cannot imagine it being a success.
Will keep you posted :-)

Lots of love,


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  1. I think it looks yummy!
    I just remembered this one, -1 x -1 = +1
    Maybe it works in baking too. Good luck on your mission :-).

  2. I was watching the DVD of Throne of Kings and they said some of it was shot in Namibia. I was busy telling the others with me that I knew someone there, but then it got a little hard to explain. They thought I was talking about my "imaginary friend". Oh well.
    Pumpkin or squash is really good in beef stew. ~ Maureen

  3. Good post. I'm your newest follower, through Google and by email ('cause I need a reminder to read stuff :).

    I understand the "hide the vegetable" challenge. It's a game a frequently play in order to get my husband to eat anything nutritious. ;)

    I found that, although it's not hidden at all, pumpkin soup works very well at our house. (It's simple to make too: chicken stock, peeled pumpkin chunks, a generous amount of diced onion, cooked until the veggies are tender, pureed smooth with a little cream added, and seasoned with salt and some nutmeg.)

    I also use pumpkin puree in muffins and add it to the sauce in macaroni and cheese. This last one works particularly well, because I usually use orange cheddar in the sauce so the pumpkin is well camouflaged!

    I hope at least one of these suggestions works for you. :)

  4. I love this post. Too bad you weren't able to hide the pumpkin in this dish. Hope your week is going well!

  5. Oh ! I nearly miss this awesome post! Love your recipe & the pictures are gorgeous! Never thought of adding pumpkin in pasta! I used to hide veges too for my boys. May be you can mix with another similar color vege such as carrot or sweet potatoes. Actually this is my trick for my sons ! LOL Sometime it works but at times not really. But hey, it's better to give it a try , right! Ya, I must admit that it's a real challenge to hide veges. Not only the color we have to consider but the taste too. I'm glad that you share this experience with us! Have a lovely day , dear Jutta! HUGS :)


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