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Sunday 1 April 2012

April Fool's?

This morning, in the pitch dark, I am woken up by cries.

They are quite feeble and juvenile, but at the same time unmistakable.

I managed to convince myself that this was part of a nightmare and fell asleep again (it was so early that not even the puppy was stiring yet, but snoring softly and twitching her paws in a dream).

Once the sun was up, I remembered and went to investigate.

Here is what happened (seemingly over night) to poor Frida:

Of course, turning her into a Sunday roast is by now out of the question...

As is giving her back to the pet shop. Their surely isn't much of a market for noisy chickens that are full of themselves,
strut around and lay no eggs, so her fate will be sealed there too.

I still harbor a very faint hope that all this is an elaborate april fool's joke...

Have a lovely Sunday, and if anyone is in the market for a rooster, please leave me a comment.



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  1. LOL! Maybe your chickens want to show off now, and start laying eggs.... Hope you'll sleep better tonight.

  2. Hmmmmm...seems like there ought to be some way to make Frieda earn her keep!

  3. I'm not laughing at you. Oh, yes I am. That explains why you are short an egg every day! ~ Maureen

  4. love this post! enjoy April!!!!

  5. Oh too funny!!! Thanks for visiting, and I am thrilled to be following you back via LF. Have a wonderful week, Jutta!



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