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Monday 2 April 2012

Day 1 - getting started and a plan for this week

Good morning dear friends, and welcome to day one of the 21-day challenge!

I had an easy start, as the time was turned back by one hour yesterday.

So theoretically I gained a whole hour to do healthy things without having to get up any earlier.

The hour is now half gone.
I checked and answered emails, let the chickens out (Frida has unfortunately not turned back into a normal hen) and entered some linky parties.
I even made my usual cup of coffee without realizing it.

But seeing that this time around I want to make a lasting lifestyle change and not a quick detox I think the one cup of coffee a day will just stay, at least for now.

Have you written a list of niggling things?

If yes, have a look at it now and divide the number of things by three.
We will tackle one third of the list this week.

I have six things on my list, so I am taking the two that have been bugging me the most.

One is to get an apostille on some official documents and send it of to Germany.
An apostille is a proof that a document is real. It involves running from the Ministry of Justice to the High Court and back to the Ministry, waiting in queues and normally forgetting one or the other vital paper, which means having to come back....
It also involves somehow finding the name of the magistrate who married us 12 years ago.
I have to have the apostille by the weekend, so my friend who is flying to Europe can take it with.

The second task is to write a foreword for the book of a friend.
I love the book and I love the friend, but have no idea how to write a meaningful foreword, which is why I haven't done anything about it for far too long.
Guess I better start learning...

And now for the tasks for this week:

  • Do one third of the items on your niggling list. This of course might also involve you deciding to give up on that particular item and to put a nice fat black line through it!
  • Buy lots of fruit and veggies
  • Do your daily form of exercise
  • And for the organizing tasks of the week, start by thinking about what your home means to you. What do you love to do in it? What is most important to you and to the other people living in the house? I have written about that here.
  • The other tasks are sorting out your kitchen, pantry, living room, and your bedroom and clothes cupboard. Don’t get a fright, if that is too much for one week, do it in your own time. Then you will just have to extend the challenge a bit. To get through everything in the three weeks we have to do the three rooms this week.
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthily

If you don't now yet what to make for lunch, Esther published a lovely salad recipe with the most divine dressing ever!

Have a gorgeous day!

Lots of love,


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  1. You go girl!! I better get started on my niggling list!

  2. How was your coffee? Thank you so much for the inspiration on organizing my house! And BIG thank you for linking to my salad post :-)

    Big hug.

    1. I am the one that has to thank you! Coffee was/is (am drinking my daily cup right now) delicious xxxx

  3. I didn't write down my niggling list, but I do have one in my head. The picture of the salad looks delicious.

    1. Thanks :-) Esther took the beautiful pics.
      It is quite freeing to write the stuff down, otherwise it keeps on taking up space in your head… Still haven’t done anything about my own two tasks.
      Have a wonderful day!

  4. I went to the gym last night, stocked up on salad and made a big pot of soup last night but then spoilt it by having a glass of wine and some chocolate.....oops!! xox

    1. I also had a glass of wine last night...
      Don't think of it as spoiled, gym, salad and soup are great!!


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