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Thursday 5 April 2012

On the fourth day

Good morning all you lovely people!

My daughter woke up at 4 this morning and decided that she can't sleep anymore. After some discussions
(that I lost) we both got up and had tea, hot chocolate and a cuddle.
Now she is reading, I am writing, and Frida is crowing loudly in the pitch dark.

Anyway, enough chit chat. How are you doing with the challenge?

I am slowly getting a bit more momentum. My favorite part is still the sorting out.
I am finished with the living room, apart from washing the curtains and cleaning the windows. There are about
500 little square panes, which have to be cleaned from the outside by standing in the overgrown cactus garden....

Maybe that should rather go onto my niggling list :-).

I have also done the kitchen and the bedroom, and today I will tackle the clothes cupboard.

Still haven't written a foreword. Also still haven't painted any eggs. This year we are all about bunnies, which is
probably a reaction to all the testosterone in my chicken coop...

The sport is going so-so (haven't done a real long sweaty yoga session yet) and the healthy eating is relatively
easy, at least during the day.

In the morning I have a cup of coffee and at night I have a glass of red wine, and I am enjoying both.

Something I haven't mentioned yet but that works really well for loosing weight is to not mix carbs and protein.
It takes some getting used to (no more meat and potatoes, pasta and cream, or bread with cheese), but it is
really effective.

At least for me.

As with all these tips, see if they work for you and use only what does (quite a no-brainer :-) ).

So, you eat fruit by itself, best in the morning, and then wait at least two hours before eating anything else.
Then you eat either carbs with salad or veggies or protein with salad or veggies.

Another thing I haven't mentioned in a while is how important it is to like yourself.
To like your looks.
To be happy in your own skin.

Without that, all the healthy living is not going to make a lot of difference.

Throw out all the critical thoughts you have about yourself, all the nagging, all the guilt...

These feelings and thoughts can be quite persistant and they can be quite persuasive too, but they are never
on your side, and they are never good for you.
So please don't allow them to take up space in your head.

For this beautiful day, be really really REALLY nice to yourself!

A big hug and lots of love,


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  1. WOW!!! Way to go! :-). I haven't done windows either, there might be some rain ahead (or at least, that is my excuse).

    Have a lovely day dear Jutta!
    BIG hug!

    1. Yes, it will definitely rain again at some stage :-).
      There is absolutely no point for you in still cleaning the windows!
      BIIIIIIG hug back

  2. Hello Jutta,
    Thanks for the wonderful encouragement it is just what I needed right now.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. Love this about the critical thoughts .... always difficult to banish them but so much better when you do :-) Going to try out your Carb/Protein trick as well. I find giving up carbs works but is too tough to do for long. xox

    1. yip, tough and also not that healthy.
      banishing critical thoughts gets easier after some time, i guess they kind of give up :-).
      lots of love

  4. Hi Jutta, love this post & reminded me that I've to do some spring cleaning at my place too. May be after the Easter holiday! Btw I have a surprise for you at my blog! Do you wanna know what is it??!! Then you have to come over & find out . Love your awesome blog! Have a nice day dear Jutta! HUGS :)

  5. Sounds like you are doing well with your challenge. I have been out walking for exercise almost every night this week.


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