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Monday 30 April 2012

Sunday excursion

Now comes the time when, instead of hiding indoors because of the heat, we actually start to seek out the sun.

Yesterday the humans and the canines of our little family went for a walk at a nearby dam.
In a country where water is so scarces, this dam is a big attraction for wildlife and people alike.

Here are some pics of our excursion:

The long treck to the water:

Finally, the dam!  Check out what Eva wears for a trip into the wilderness :-):

The two puppies:


More determination. My dog has hardly any teeth left because of her habit to find the biggest rock in the water and drag it out:

Autumn colors:

Against the shady side of the mountain:

 A father's idea of fun (had to walk away and breathe deeeeeeeply):

The stylish sight-seer:

Puppies first time in the water, aiming for high ground:

These green things are called !Nara's (the ! indicates that it is pronounced with a clicking of the tongue). They are very bitter, but the bushmen use them as a source of water:

A wonderful week to you!

Lots of love,


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  1. Love the scenery! The determination of that tree is commendable! Eva's hiking outfit....too funny! I never could get my kids to dress activity appropriate!! Love the rock dog and the cute puppies. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. Dogs do some crazy things don't they, carrying rocks, made me giggle. But feel bad also about his teeth. What a wonderful day out, thank you for sharing xo

  3. Looks like a nice walk and your dogs were certainly having a good time! Where in the world is it? I got curious when you said that the ! meens is pronounced with a click in the tongue!

  4. What beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a lovely excursion.

  5. Very cool! Thank you for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower :-) Excited to learn more about your journey!

  6. Great pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  7. Awesome pictures of your wonderful excursion with your family! It great to take time to appreciate mother nature! LOVELY! HUGS to you, Jutta! :)


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