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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Whimsy flimsy garland DIY

Today is a holiday. The sun is shining, Eva is playing with her friend, my man is busy working, and I am pacing back and forth, being bored, being in a crappy mood.

What a waste of a gorgeous day.

I tried various internal pep-talks without much result, and then decided to make something, anything.
That always makes me feel better, if I want to or not :-).

I made a little flimsy garland, cutting shapes out of paper, sewing them together and hanging them up over my equally glommy looking bird.

Here is the paper I used:

Cut out any shape you like:

Once again, beware of thieves:


Sew together with your sewing machine, hang up and enjoy!:

The bird and I are cheered up now :-).

A happy day to you!



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  1. That IS cheery! Making something always makes me feel better too! If you lived nearby, I'd invite you over and we'd make something and we'd both be in a good mood!

  2. I said the bird, the bird is the word! Now that is a beautiful garland, something I would expect to see on Mokkasin, perhaps. I love the different shapes, the airy feel and the doily touch (although doilies are not my style at all). Cheers!


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