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Wednesday 2 May 2012

A visitor

They regularly come to visit, and it is always two of them. This is why we call them 'love birds' here in Namibia.

They are small parrots, bonding for life, beautiful and careful.

Yesterday for the first time there was just one:

That really bugged me. I kept on thinking about it, imagining what might have happened to its partner.

When it came back this morning I decided to ask. And the moment I posed the question the answer was there: 
She is sitting on the eggs :-).


I can't wait to meet the family!

Have a beautiful, love-filled day,


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  1. That is such a beautiful bird! Maybe you'll get a picture of the new family members! I love the birds here too and right now we have so many spring visitors. The Baltimore Oriole is my favorite with his bright orange jacket!

  2. What a neat bird! Nothing like that here in Minnesota.

  3. Hi Jutta, This is really amazing having these lovely parrots in your garden! Yes, I do believe that they are always in pair. And what a lovely surprise that they're having little ones! Me too can't wait to see these little sweetie! Beautiful pictures! Have a very nice day, Jutta dear! Sending you & Eva lots of cyber HUGS ! :)

  4. How exciting! that will be so cool, if they bring the little ones along and you can take lovely photos to share with us. I love these birds.

  5. Hello Jutta,

    Awww...the parrots are so cute. I love the beauty of nature and sweet birds. I cannot wait to see the new family!


  6. oh wow! lucky you!! what a beautiful bird!

  7. Nothing I like more than finding that some feathered family has moved in close enough for us to watch the baby bird stages. How cool to have colorful parrots in the neighborhood!


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