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Monday 16 April 2012

Three week challenge - Final week!

Yeah, the final week!

My house hasn't been that clean and sorted in a long time, and I am feeling very clear and focused.
This aspect of de-cluttering still takes me by surprise, but it is the most wonderful side effect.
And it is such a pleasure now to open drawers or cupboard doors :-).

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Photobucket Photobucket

The healthy eating and especially the exercising are not going quite as splendidly...

Oh well, I am moving in the right direction!

How are you doing with the list of niggling things?
My veggie bed is coming along nicely (will show you tomorrow), but the foreword still isn't written.
Back on it goes, for the last time!
I added some more items to the list, maybe I will be able to get them all done this week:

Weed the cactus garden (painful job, that one)
Clean windows (five million little square window panes)
Have my driver's licence converted into a Namibian one (this one I managed to not do for 15 years...)

For the sorting part, this week we will tackle all the out-of-the-way rooms:

The cellar
The attic
The storeroom
The garage


Your car
Your handbag
Your computer and cellphone (go through your files and contacts, sort and delete, back up!)


Have you written down your ideal day?

This week we will take this idea further.

Read through your day.
How would you feel if you would be living your ideal day?


Write down the most prominent emotions, and then look for ways to feel like this now.
It is always about the way you feel, not about the outer circumstances.
You can sit in a beautiful house on the beach and be utterly miserable.
And you can sit on a park bench without a home to go back to and be happy and content. Like Eckhart Tolle did.

Through feeling good now you will draw many more opportunities to feel good into your life, and you will realize that you have control over the way you feel, instead of letting it be dictated by your environment.

And of course, drink lots of water and eat your greens :-)

A happy, fulfilled, loving and creative last week!

Big hug,


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  1. Finding some order in chaos is always so uplifting. I'm so inspired by all you have done! :D

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