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Sunday 15 April 2012

Sunday again!

How did that happen so quickly?

I am sitting here in my office surrounded by paper:

Why was I keeping age-old receipts for things I don't even own anymore?
Phonebills from three years back?
Eva's first years of school everything?

It feels so good throwing all that stuff out!

Yesterday I sorted and cleaned the bathroom, finally hanging up my jewellery that used to live in a tangled heap
at the bottom of the cupboard.
Maybe now I will actually wear some of it? Or at least Eva will :-).

I also put somebody else in charge of reminding certain people to close the cupboard doors (very important with
a puppy in the house!). In german, we call women that keep on nagging about something 'Meckerziege', which
loosely translate to grumbling goat, just to explain my choice of animal.

Here are still some pics of the bedroom:

The healthy eating is going pretty well, the sport got a bit neglected but I am still doing more than before the challenge,
so it is quite cool.

How are you doing?

And just to show you that it is not all work, here is how my Sunday morning started off:

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,


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  1. Spring cleaning...going to do some too! Cheese grater is a clever idea to hang jewelry on~ Happy Sunday~

    1. Thanks you :-). I love it once I am done with it...
      Have a wonderful week

  2. Sounds like you have been busy. You deserved the rest on Sunday. Hope you have a great day!

  3. You bedroom looks so exotic! For some reason, getting rid of a lot of paper makes me happy. It seems to weigh me down more than any other kind of clutter. ~ Maureen

  4. looks very nice to beginn a day like that! warm greetings from cold Paris!

  5. Seeing the picture of a paper covered floor reminds me I have some cleaning up to do as well! does that happen?!
    xo Jess
    ps...cheese grater earring holder???? LOVE!!!

  6. Hello dear Jutta! Those papers on the floor look really nice :-) I remember the feeling it gave me to put the recycle bag, loaded with paper, next to the container, after our "get rid of stuff weekend".

    Miss you loads!!!! Had a wonderful weekend, can't wait to tell you about it, and it wasn't even Oslo yet:-).

    Enjoy the last week of your challenge (I dropped out.... will catch up when I'm back, really! haha).

    Lots of love, a big hug

  7. What a great way to start your Sunday morning. I am happily following you back. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    amy @


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