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Monday 28 May 2012

Birthday garland DIY

This morning I made a long list of things that still have to happen before Eva's birthday party (that somehow
sounds much nicer than writing: things I still have to do before the party :-) ).

After I was done, I felt so virtuous that instead of starting to make an inroad into the list, I went and played.

Here is an easy, no-sew birthday garland:

You will need:

Fabric pieces
Fabric paint
Some string

I started by cutting the pieces into a triangle with long ends (it will be much easier to knot them later if you make
the ends longer than this):

Georgia, keeping an eye on proceedings:

 Then I painted the letters on with fabric paint, making quite a mess:

After it was dry, I just knotted the triangle pieces onto a string and hung it up:


 We might not have enough fondue pots, plates or chairs, but at least the wall will look cute...

 Have a lovely day!


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  1. die girlande ist schön geworden und durch das knoten hats sie was von piraten ;)
    herzlichst birgit

  2. You totally nailed this! Great tutorial and what a beautiful finished project C:

  3. This is really a cute idea. I am sure Eva will love this.

  4. Hi Jutta, thanks for visiting Quirky Vistas, leaving me a nice comment and following. I am happy to be your follower as well. This banner is really cute. The fabrics you chose are so colorful and festive. This is what people will notice more than fondue pots, plates and chairs anyway! Hope the party is a smash hit.

  5. This is lovely! I admire the simplicity and the colors are beautiful! I'm guessing Eva was pleased!

  6. Hi Jutta sweetie, what an amazing idea & it look perfect! Once again you're forever so creative! I recalled that my sister even bought these garland at the store for quite expensive too. She should have done this herself like you! I've already link her to your blog for more wo,wonderful DIY ideas! I am yet to do my vintage pillow case, remember! Heheheh That's my summer project! Lots of hugs to you & dear Eva! :)


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