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Monday 14 May 2012

Hothouse love and a Picmonkey how-to

Our new hothouse is finished, and I am so in love with it!

The whole thing was built out of old pallets, with two layers of clear plastic as a 'skin'.

Now we must get planting!

So far we sowed tomatos, egg-plants, carrots, basil, fennel and cardamon, but I would love to add some fruit,
like raspberries and gooseberries.
Seeing that we are going into winter, I also moved my tree orchid inside.

We added two flaps to the hothouse to regulate the air circulation, one at the bottom and one one the other side
at the top.

And on my darling daughter's insistance I finally tried out Picmonkey.

It is quite fun!

Here a quick tutorial if you would like to make a collage:

First open any one of your pictures in Picmonkey.
Then click on 'overlays', open a square, make it white and draw it out until it covers your picture completely.
Next click onto the little squares with the arrow pointing down right at the bottom of the Picmonkey page to merge
the layers.
Then open the first picture you want to use for your collage, re-size it anyway you like it, and drag it in place.
Add the other pictures.
If you want a color field to put your text on again use any shape you like in 'overlay' and make it any color you like.
Then go to text (the 'P' on the picmonkey sidebar) and add text in whichever font you like.

Once you are done merge the layers again, and safe your picture.

Have fun playing around!



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  1. Nice :) love hothouses ! And thanks for picmonkey it looks like a wonderful tool :) have a great day !

  2. Impressive. I can't wait to see what it yields!

  3. Great job Jutta! I would love a hot house, but our winters are too cold. I would have to add heat. I'm going to try your picmonkey tutorial on my next project. (You may be hearing from me if I get stuck!!) Love that orchid too!

  4. Your hothouse is lovely! and the best part is that's selfmade :) I love Picmonkey, I actually only edit my photos there right now, I used to be a Photoshoper but Picmonkey is so intuitive and easy! I didn't know they already released the collage feature! I'm gonna try it right away! :) Have a nice day!

  5. You did all this by yourselves? It's awesome! I can't wait for the little "green babies" to pop out to the light :)

  6. I just found your blog. This is fantastic. I need one!

  7. Love your hot house , Jutta! Raspberries & gooseberries sound great! I've just planted a rhubarb in our veg patch! Hopefully it will grow! Great idea that there are flaps on the hothouse to regulate the air circulation! Your hothouse looks great! LOVE IT! HUGS ! :)

  8. I've been using Picmonkey, but I never knew you could make a collage with it! Thanks for the tip!

    P.S.: The greenhouse looks great!


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