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Saturday 14 July 2012

Afro Chicks and other wildlife tales

Just in time for our holidays, the puppy came on heat for the first time. A variety of male dogs hang out in front
of the gate, driving our own male bonkers.

The last time we had a female dog on heat I flew to Germany to attend my brother's wedding, also leaving her
with my man. When I came back she was pregnant with 11 puppies.
This was 12 years ago, but I really really really do not want a repeat performance. Puppy (in my opinion) is far
too young to be a mother and we already have 13 animals.

Four of them brand new.
Liesl's chicks hatched yesterday. I just took them out very briefly to take some pictures.

They are the cutest things:



Eva wants to take them with to show Oma and Opa, but I think they would be even more difficult to export than the camelthorn seeds...

Lots of love to you,


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  1. scheint ganz schön anstrengend zu sein- schwangerschaftsverhütung bei den tierischen mitbewohnern.(unsere katze darf ja das haus nicht verlassen;) deine kückenparade ist jedenfalls herzallerliebst - schön, dass die auf die welt gekommen sind;)
    sei lieb gegrüßt von birgit

  2. Oh my! Those are the cutest things! Awesome usual! Hope you don't come home to puppies again!

  3. Those chicks are the cutest thing ever! I lived through a litter of puppies when my husband left the dog outside after taking care of the pool one night. What was he thinking! ~ Maureen

  4. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, they are gorgeous dearest Jutta!!!!
    Perfectly fluffy, gorgeous colors, those eyes..... Genial!
    So glad they made it!
    Big xx's

  5. Great photos...and they are adorable!

  6. WOW! Aren't they just picture perfect! Arriving at the coldest time of the year (-3 yesterday morning!!!!!) I'm sure Mommy chicken will keep them mice and cosy!
    Well done!


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