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Sunday 29 July 2012

Tree bark vase - a DIY

Some time ago, Sinnenrausch published a vase she made using tree bark.
I loved it but couldn't find any suitable bark in Namibia.

Yesterday I went for a little walk with my brothers and came back with lots of treasures.

If you want to make a vase for yourself, all you need is a glas, some tree bark and some glue (I used the normal crafts
glue which doesn't hold too well. Sinnenrausch used a hot glue gun, might work better).

Have a beautiful Sunday my dear friends!

Lots of love,


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  1. Looks so pretty! The natural materials in Germany are so different to Namibia, I am always amazed by all the growth here and the differences.

  2. hallöchen
    sehr sehr schön, deine vase und die bilder. vor allem das mit dem windröschen ist klasse.
    im winter habe ich kiefernrinde( die wächst so schön schichweise, und man kann sie leicht ablösen ) auf einfache tontöpfe geklebt, das sieht auch schön aus. evtl noch etwas bast drumwickeln - und fertig...
    viel erfolg noch bei deinen ´´beutezügen´´
    lg ute

  3. Look at you! Crafting on vacation! That is just as lovely as can be. Can you get some of that bark through customs? Did the camel tree seed things make it?

  4. Simply gorgeous! You are wonderful!
    Big kiss

  5. Beautiful! If there is one thing we have in abundance here in upstate New York, it is tree bark. I've got to try this project out for sure.

  6. I'm making this! I have some glue made especially for glass and that should do the trick. ~ Maureen

  7. Oh my gosh, this turned out so well! Love the mossy bark you used, works so well :)

  8. So naturally beautiful. you are missed.


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