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Monday 30 July 2012

The third day in the mountains

On the third day, we went up a very beautiful mountain in a very dodgy (my personal opinion) cable car.
Bright yellow, no space, the doors don't close, and the whole thing swings back and forth whenever anyone
of my adventurous family moves. Of course, nobody else is bothered.

It is somehow worth it because on top it is gorgeous! Wonderful views to all sides and lots of flowers.
We take a path along the top of the mountain and I decide that it would be much nicer to walk down, and,
despite some sarcastic comments, my family agrees.

The path down is beautiful and quite literally breathtaking (no pics of that part, was too busy hanging on :-) ).

Four hours later we made it to an alm, exhausted but happy to be on more level ground.

The parking lot of the cable car:


And on the way to the top:


A little mountain dance:

Some way down:

Made it!

A wonderful day to all of you!



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  1. What happened up there? :-)

  2. Oh I love it! What a great group of pictures! My favorite is the last one! You look beautiful! Going home has been good for your soul!

  3. And a wonderful day to you!!!!......So enjoyed all these photos. What a beautiful hike and country. Thank you for sharing.

  4. How wonderful! You do have an adventurous family, how great :)

  5. Amazing pictures! I see that your spending a great time! Enjoy your staying there ;)

  6. Jutta, I am so enjoying traveling along with your photos. :)

    We have those lilies here too. They're very beautiful.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your trip.


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