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Wednesday 1 August 2012

To market, and a summer recipe

Twice a week Aalen's whole inner city turns into a wonderful market:

Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fresh flowers, and huge variety of cheeses and breads.

Also quite a lot of charming people.
I completely forgot that the Germans like to flirt (this is a no-no in conservative Namibia).
Makes it much more fun to go shopping :-).



I went with my mom and we bought mountains of fruit, which she then turned into a delicious lunch for us.

The German name for the dish is 'Fruchtkaltschale', no idea how to translate that.

The recipe:

Slice, cube or cut a variety of fresh fruit. If you have under 1 kg of fruit (2.2 lbs), use 1 packet of vanilla pudding and 500 ml (16.9 oz) of milk or fruitjuice. For more fruit use two packets and 1 litre (33.8 oz) of liquids.

Prepare the pudding according to the instructions on the packet, then pour it over the fruit while still hot and mix through.
Let it cool and enjoy!

A wonderful summer day to you!

Lots of love,


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  1. Oh what a feast for my eyes! Your pictures are so beautiful I could almost smell the produce! The fruit salad looks delicious. You have been doing some wonderful things on your visit!

  2. That looks sooo good! I am making this one tonight!

  3. haha, love the part about the flirting. You are absolutely right, that makes shopping (and life too) so much more attractive :-)
    Big hug! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. hallöchen
    ja auf den märkten macht einkaufen noch spaß. das kann eigendlich nur ein einkauf beim italiener toppen. viel spaß noch in aalen...
    lg ute

  5. I'm pinning this! Vanilla pudding and fruit = yum! ~ Maureen

  6. hihi - i like the pic with the sign for South African Avocados, but one only sees red apples. Enjoy all the wonderful experiences which are so different to back home in Namibia. Hugz

  7. Jutta, it looks like you are having a wonderful time. The veggies and fruits all look so wonderful.

  8. Ach, ich vermisse die Wochenmaerkte! Meine Grosseletern habven auch einen ganz tollen gleich bei ihnen um die Ecke. Und auf dem Markt zu kaufen ist in Deutschland so normal, waehrend das hier in England mehr was ist, was priviligiertere Leute machen.

    Ich liebe Kaltschale! Aber in Norddeutschland ist es mehr wie eine Fruchtsuppe.

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. I am sure those German men had a wonderful time flirting with you :)

  10. Liebe Jutta,

    es ist so seltsam von Dir aus Deutschland zu lesen. Ihr seid auch ein Stückchen weiter "nach Norden" gekommen? Genießt die Zeit!

    Alles Liebe


  11. Yummy! The vitamin pics from the market put me in the mood for summer cooking!


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