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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Turning into a basket case (another DIY)

Here in Namibia, there are numerous old mamas selling baskets they made themselves.
All of these mamas look like they could use the money, and all of these baskets are really pretty.

I have huge baskets and tiny baskets, I have baskets with lids and baskets with patterns.
I have baskets I keep my yarn in and baskets that contain Eva's hairbands...
Because I do not want you to fall asleep over this post, I will stop now.
Let's just say that I have enough baskets.

So today, when another lady tried to sell me yet another basket, I was very tempted to send her on her way.
But it is cold at the moment, and she was rather on the skinny side.

I rationalized the purchase (like I rationalize most unnecessary purchases), by thinking: I am sure I can make
something out of it.

So once the mama left I got out the gold paint and painted a ring around the basket.
It doesn't actually make a big change, but at least I feel that I have done something crafty.

Painting the thing set off a whole avalanche of ideas (neon colors feature strongly).

Luckily I am pretty sure that nobody is going to sell neon colors in this country...

The before:

And the after:


Lots of love,


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  1. I love your embellishment. Those baskets are beautiful. I wish I could have brought home more of them when we were there. Are you an ex-pat or were you raised in Namibia?
    <3 Jacinda

  2. Oh I remember those Mama's selling baskets - I still have a few - I only brought little ones over with me.. Lovely. When are you off on vacation Jutta? Was just thinking of you and thought I would check in before you went away xx Nat

  3. Lovely story and beautiful pictures to go along with it.

  4. Leave it to you to make a simple basket elegant! I love that you are so sensitive to the mamas and their conditions! Nice job!

  5. Your simple addition to this basket makes a HUGE difference. Truly a simple, beautiful and elegant transformation.

  6. The gold is such a beautiful touch!

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