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Tuesday 3 July 2012

The zen of packing

There used to be a time, before Eva, when I had the luxury to become bored. And then, when I got tired of suffering myself and the mood I was in, I started creating.

I used to welcome boredom, knowing that it could spark the kind of creativity that lets me forget time, completely absorbing me in the moment.

Nowadays there is always someone that wants something from me. 'Mummy look', a scratch, food, more food, water, and the constant cleaning up of a little or big daily mess.

The boredom created by that is different, the endless repetition of the same-old same-old, stretching indefinitely into the future, sucking just enough energy that I do not reach the boiling point that sparks me out of my own small world and into transformation.

But I need to be creative. Otherwise life is bled dry of colours and flavours.

This is why, every day, every moment, I am looking for the sacred in the ordinary, the sparkle in the everyday, the inspiration in what is actually never repetition, but always a brand new moment of my life.

This is also why I have decided to document more of our daily, ordinary life. Not to escape from it, but to become more aware of the magic it carries.

Like today.
In twelve days, we are leaving for Germany. And now already I get unsettled by the thought of having to pack.

So we got creative about it, trying on different combinations, seeing how few things we get away with taking without looking the same every day.

And now the decisions are made, we had a plenty of fun, and with the suitcase half empty, we will be able to bring back a lot of lovely things!

I am linking to Mix It and the Pleated Poppy.

Wishing you a day filled with little wonders!

Lots of love,


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  1. liebe jutta, was für ein wundervoller beitrag! die bilder sind toll! (durch den text muss ich mich erst wieder durchtranslaten;) besonders witzig fand ich die flügelidee! und von wegen, du hast nur grau...
    sei herzlich umarmt von birgit

    1. Hab mit nur grau angefangen, das sah dann aber so langweilig aus auf den fotos, dass ich schliesslich fast nur bunte sachen gepackt habe (das ist aber auch wirklich das einzige bunte, das ich habe (bis jetzt jedenfalls) :-) )

  2. Love it. Particularly the wings!

  3. WOW!!!! So you went back for the leopard dress :-) It is gorgeous!
    The pictures look like lots of fun! Very cool!
    Two gorgeous divas :-)


    1. thanks :-). yes, went back for it yesterday afternoon, under the pretence of food shopping. tried it on again and walked out of the shop again until eva had enough and ordered me to buy it...

  4. GREAT pictures. I love the one of Eva on the stool to be at the appropriate height for her wings. You both are so photogenic. Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait for you to be 'bored' more often :)

  5. Look at the two of you! You could both put on a potato sack, belt it, and look like a million bucks!

    I, too have that NEED to create. Probably not the same things you create, but it's there.

  6. Well that looks like fun!! I love the wings in the background....And bitte bitte eat a Käsebrot and a Sauerkraut for me... :) (I could give you a gigantic list of things to eat for me but you'ld get fat! hahaha)

  7. What an awesome way to look at packing Jutta! The pictures are fabulous, the outfits wonderful and that chalk wall behind cool! You are both a couple of angels!

  8. Mom and daughter both should take up modeling. You are naturals! Great outfits! Enjoy your trip.

  9. Hey ich bin voller Bewunderung zu was für kreativen Einfällen das Sortieren der Reisegarderobe bei Dir geführt hat. Und Deine Tochter hast Du gleich damit angesteckt damit. Wunderbar seht Ihr beide aus. Ich kann gar nicht sagen welches Outfit mir am besten gefällt, eventuell das Maxikleid. So schöne Farben!
    Lieben Gruß

  10. Such fun pictures! I love the pattern and color mixes that you have going on in your outfits!

  11. All the things you wrote in this post about creativity and repetition of the same old tasks....I totally get all that. Same here.

    Hope you have a lovely time in Germany. You and your daughter have put together some fun outfits. Love all the pattern mixing!


  12. Love the pairing of the floral tunic dress with the jeans.

    1. thank you :-). it is one of my favorite combinations too


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