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Monday 17 September 2012

What to do instead of cleaning

It is spring.

On Saturday we had the first bit of rain. The sky is cloudy, the bushes, the trees and the cacti start flowering, and my
mango tree is producing little green things that might one day become mangos:



While lying on my couch yesterday I had the splendid idea to do a thorough spring clean, starting Monday (which seemed
very far away then).

It is now 12 o'clock on Monday, and by procastinating very hard all morning I managed to not get started. This was quite exhausting...

To make myself feel better I did a very quick and useful little project.

Tear up some papers, punch holes into them, put a string through, hang up, and use to record things you have to buy or
projects you think you have to want to do.

Btw, the door in the background leads into my pre-teen's bedroom (I am not really a Selena Gomez fan, and having to pee is much more likely to get me up in the morning than my man :-) ).

Have a wonderful Monday, productive or not!

Lots of love,


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  2. Cool - hope the mangoes will ripen soon! I also want a mango tree... Do whatever feels right. The time to clean will come, when the time is right, till then enjoy whatever you are making/doing. Hugz

  3. The pee note is great, I think I share your point of view on this one haha! Enjoy your week, you'll get sudden inspiration these days and do the cleaing (or you won't be able to stand the mess anymore whatever comes first ;)) I got inspired today, literally did a kitchen floor exorcism!!

  4. Jutta you have made me laugh again! Hard to believe those little buds will be mangoes! I wish they grew here...yummm! I'm glad you were able to fight the good fight and not get the spring cleaning done!!

  5. The pee quote cracked me up. How fantastic to have a mango tree in the garden. I just had some mango for breakfast today and it tasted of sunshine. Hope you are having a lovely week, spring cleaning or not! x

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