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Friday 14 September 2012

Needles, pins, and what to do with them - a DIY

Whenever I sew there are pins everywhere.
On the table, on the floor, in the fabric, under the sewing machine...

So far nobody stepped in one I forgot to pick up afterwards, but I am always nervous about the possibility.

Seeing that it hasn't rained here in about 5 months my skin is very dry and I go through a lot of cream.
I know that might sound rather random now, but bear with me, I am leading up to something :-).

This morning I had finished yet another pot of cream and just when I was about to chuck it into the rubbish I
remembered something I saw some time ago on a German blog (please let me know if it was yours so I can give

Empty pot + magnet = no more pins on the floor!

You will need:

an empty pot or tin
a magnet
double-sided tabe
some paper or fabric to decorate

Cut the paper to size and glue it on with double-sided tape. Then glue the magnet to the inside of the lid. I also used
double-sided tape for that.

I then still stamped 'pins' and 'needles' on it to make it clear to little people that it is not meant for the earring or sticker

Quick and easy!

Lots of love,


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  1. I adore that your pin holders says: Pins and Needles. You are too, too clever.

  2. Just like the Smokie song :)) Jutta, I love your quick creative ideas and your lovely soft blue on the printed paper!

  3. I've been embroidering at the beach and have dropped my scissors and needle a couple of times. This little holder would be a great idea! Shall have to attempt one when I get home. Thanks!.

  4. Quick, easy and you forgot to mention CLEVER! What a great idea and the pins and needles stamp just cutes it right up! Nice job Jutta!


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