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Monday 17 December 2012

Back home

We got Eva back more or less in one piece after her horse riding course. She got bitten by a mule, and fell off her
horse after a herd of free-ranging camel spooked the horses during the night ride through the dunes.
Guess if you have to fall off, this is quite a cool way of doing it :-).
Apart from that she had a great time!

As we were at the coast already, we stayed over the weekend. I was so looking forward to some grey, misty, foggy,
damp weather (which Swakop normally willingly provides).
Unfortunately it was blue skies all the way...

Just two quick pics, then I have to water the garden and wash a lot of strong smelling clothes (my mum might have
had a point when she complained about the horsey stink I used to bring back from the stables. Could never understand
her complaints before now :-) ).

Eva with 'the best horse in the world':

Fun and games at the beach:

Thank you all so much for your beautiful comments, I so love connecting with you!

Also, a very warm welcome to the new followers.

Lots of love,


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  1. oh, evas lachen.
    so wunderbar.
    liebste grüße

  2. ach, liebe jutta, und wir sitzen hier im strömenden vorweihnachtsregen...;(
    genießt den sommer - eva scheints ja schon in vollen zügen zu tun;)
    herzliebst birgit

  3. Loved hearing about Eva's adventures and adventures they definitely were. I hope you enjoy your holiday.


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