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Monday 7 January 2013

Last holiday weekend

In the spirit of trying new things and feeling alive, I joined Eva in the tent last night.   

To be perfectly honest, it was also easier than having to cart mattress and duvet and pillows and favorite books 
back into the house so that she could sleep in her own bed. We might just move permanently into the tent…

It was wonderfully cool and disturbingly noisy (crickets, dogs, trucks, rooster, and the 5 o’clock freight plane to 

It was also rather uncomfortable, as Eva tends to throw her legs all over the place. When she sleeps in my bed, 
I often end up hanging half-way over the side…

But certainly more memorable than sleeping in the bedroom.

Here some pictures from our last holiday weekend. It was again very very VERY hot, and we spent a lot of 
time in the pool. Or sitting on the couch dripping wet, with pools of water collecting at the feet….


Dinner invitation at the ex mans' house:

Some snap shots from our zoo:

The new puppy (ex man and daughter call her Maxi, but can't really bring myself to do that) is learning self control:

Oh pretty please help me up:


Lola, itching:

And another little snooze:

Tomorrow it is back to work. And because I have decided to enjoy the moment instead of going off in my head, I am 
not going to whine. Or at least not a lot…

And before I now go and hang up the washing, here still a little light for you (in case you can't smell it, it is lavender, soothing and calming):

Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Loved the Zoo! Chickens look very healthy: no wonder the new addition was looking so interested!

    Good luck getting back to the new "normal". Thinking of you.


    1. Thanks so much dear Isobel! I will stay in the moment and enjoy the new normal. And occasionally i will probably feel sorry for myself and overdose on chocolate :-)
      hugs to you

  2. How wonderful that you embraced sleeping in the tent. Not for the comfort but for the memories I am sure you and Eva created. Your last weekend looked peaceful. I hope that your return to schedules and normal life is an easy and welcome transition.

  3. wie wunderbar januar sein kann;) bei uns ists öde, grau und kalt - deine bilder haben mich deshalb sehr erfreut, liebe jutta:)
    herzliebst birgit

  4. wow you!
    and what a beautiful "superbe creature" Eva is.
    You will like your first client tomorrow
    unless it is unpleasant, and you will treat yourself to a lovely.......

    Someone (you) once told me that I handled a situation between me and my man in a very adult like manner. YOU DO TOO!
    I love you!
    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug!

  5. I love camping out. When we go camping now, though, we take along a nice queen-size air mattress that is extra high.

    Love that pic of Miss Eva lounging in the pool reading.

    1. An air mattress would be so much easier! At least when you can find the pump... We had to blow up our two big pool mattresses with the mouth, took forever.
      Hugs to you


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