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Saturday 5 January 2013

Camping and finding the right words

A friend asked me last week what my word for the year will be.

I have been thinking on and off about it, until this morning the word was suddenly there.

I get woken by my roosters’ enthusiastic greeting of the day. The sun is just coming up.
The cat joins me and we sit on the steps in front of the house, watching the sky turn from light pink to yellow 
to blue. I am feeling such a sense of possibility, such magic in the air, and it hits me what a miracle it is to be 
alive on this beautiful planet.

My word:  Alive! 

Experiencing deeply, opening up, feeling. No judgement.

I hear giggling from the tent. 

The girls put it up yesterday. They arranged everything inside and around just so, and then they made a fire, 
and grilled some pork belly. Supper was cucumber salad, pork belly and marshmallows, and the grown ups’ 
were not allowed to interfere.







I join them in the tent, stroking the puppy and watching the sun rise.


Sometimes being happy is just there, no thinking, no struggle, just dropping into the moment. Alive.

A beautiful day to you!

Lots of love,


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  1. So beautiful and true. I love the pic of the girls dancing around the fire... ok, actually i usually like all your pics... ;)

    1. Dankeschön liebe Imke :-). Looking forward to having tea with you!

  2. What an utterly perfect word to choose! As always love the photos and what is that giant spider lurking by the marshmallows???!!!!

  3. How beautifully described and a perfect selection for a word of the year. The campsite is charming! Those ladies know how to have some fun.


    1. Thank you dear Loulou! I am always what the girls come up with next. They are full of ideas and energy :-)

  4. That's a great word "alive", love that!!

  5. I love your word. It seems so fitting, appropriate and simple. Alive.


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