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Friday, 4 January 2013

How to take strange webcam pictures

Having children is very inspiring. I learn a lot from Eva. Like how to take cool pictures :-).

She showed me a website that allows you to take pics with your webcam with all kind of interesting (and strange)
Lots of them are quite funky and bright. But last night I was in the mood for gloomy.

Reminds me of my early 20's, when I started with photography by taking dark and spooky black and white pics.
Back then I still had to develop them in my darkroom, which was fun and a huge mess.

An added advantage of the setting below (called 'mono') is that 'you do look much younger mum, without your
wrinkles showing' (o-tone Eva).


Have fun!

Lots of love,


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  1. Very cool, having fun with ur younger sister! You look gorgeous and cool in black hair :-)

  2. Looks like fun to me! I'm forwarding this site to my niece....I know she'll love it!

  3. lovely, you both are so pretty....

  4. What incredible beautiful pictures. Even with this photo techniques, your beauty still shines through.

  5. Lovely pics! Your hair looks cool so dark! Love, Andrea


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