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Tuesday 5 January 2016

Greetings from a different world

It was a long time ago that I last visited this place.

Coming back here feels like meeting somebody you haven't seen in ages. They look kind of familiar, but you first have to get warm again with each other (and with the technical bits of publishing on this platform...).

So much has happened since my last post.

Eva and I left Namibia in June 2014, and are now living in Berlin. 
The house and the animals are still under the care of Eva's dad, apart from the chickens, who now live on a farm. 

I have turned my healing and coaching business into an online venture, which is great fun as long as the technology works :-).

Eva is a real teenager (and taller than me, scary that!). After a tough couple of months she now has lots of friends in the International School she goes to, and is taking constant advantage of living in a world city. 

Translated that means that I hardly ever see her. But she is happy and good at school and hasn't dabbled much in the things parents of teenagers worry about (I think, I hope, no, of course she hasn't!).

We live in an apartment in a seedy part of town (game saloons, Turkish fast food and, strangely enough, tanning studios). It is old and has high ceilings and a balcony and really dirty wooden floors I was supposed to sand down on moving in but didn't. 

And we have another dog. Eva and I lasted 6 months without any animals. We didn't want to bring the Namibian ones here, they are all free-ranging and big cities are probably not their thing.

So enter Lucy, who is hardly ever called that. Instead she listens (or not) to Flederchen (my mum's name for her, referring to the German word for a bat, cause she has slightly larger than normal ears), Mausi (Eva's contribution) and Bobbakins (that's what I call her. No idea why. No idea what it means either.

Anyway, she is very sweet and very loving and always hungry, and gets me to go outside even if it's minus 12 degrees, like today.

Funny how we moved from close to the South Pole to what feels like the far North.

Here are some pics from our new world:

 My favorite Berlin tower, seen through the lid of a trash can

The day Lucy joined us. She looked like a cross between a rat and a Chihuahua, and I wasn't
that excited about her. But seeing that she was Eva's birthday present (and subsequently her
choice) I didn't say anything. And bybnow she has really grown on me.

In the new apartment, still with hardly any furniture (see my fabulous cardboard cupboard!).
We left most of our stuff in Namibia and only took some suitcases with clothes. 

Her favorite summer spot, the balcony table. As we are on the second floor I fnd that rather
nerve racking...

At a lake near Berlin (this was of course last summer, by now the lake is probably frozen solid)

Eva's room, after some foraging in the neighborhood second hand stores

Taking a bath used to be so relaxing. Now I have little missy here getting really worry that I
drown. Or maybe she just doesn't like me out of cuddling range. In any case, the moment I
get into the tub, she whines...

Trying to stare Eva awake

Nap time

Cool kids 

Living room, with a couch and a cup of tea. Some things don't change even if you change

Summer fun!

Lovely tree in the neighboring park

Eva in the subway

Berlin impression

Can we pleeeeeease go for a walk now?

Potsdamer Platz with some Christmas lights

Mum and daughter, on a looooong train ride to visit my parents

Eva in our favorite coffee shop

Couch potatoe

Lots of love to you!


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  1. Wow! This was a surprise in my in box this morning! Kind of checked out from the whole blog world thing last year but still think of many of my old friends. I'm glad to hear you and Eva are doing well and I think your little dog is cute. Your photography skills are still as stunning as ever. Take care my friend and I wish you the best in this bright new year!

    1. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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  2. Danni!!!!!! How wonderful to hear from you :-)))). I know we have never physically met but it feels so warm and loved and welcoming to read your comment. It feels like you are very much a friend.
    Kinda sorry to hear that you are not blogging right now. But sometimes a break is just what is needed.
    Are you still on Silo Hill?
    Sending lots of good wishes for a fantastic new year!

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