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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tales of snow!

This morning at 5.30 I went out of the house, with my parka over my pajamas, to let Lucy do her thing. Quite a difference to having dogs in Namibia, all I did there was open the front door and they all walked themselves.

Btw, it was 5.30 because it's only the 6th day of the new year, so my resolutions are still going strong. After the walk I did yoga and then made a (greenish) smoothie before waking Eva. :-)

But anyway, back to stepping outside. Yesterday the sidewalk was full of the residue of New Year's fireworks, empty champagne bottles and discarded Christmas trees.

This morning it was a winter wonderland! All the mess covered in beautiful white snow, with big flakes silently coming down. It took Lucy ages to pee, cause every time she put her bum down, it sank into the snow :-).

After Eva left for school I made a (quick) attempt at working, and then Lucy and I were off to find some snowy nature.

What a beautiful blessing!

Here are some pics from our walk:

She must have eaten her weight in snow today :-)

The white area on the right is the Berlin - Spandau shipping channel. Not much shipping
going on today...

She was determined that we are taking this stick home. I managed to drop it undetected
aftercarrying it around for some time. She clearly is Eva's dog, who also always expects
me to carryher stuff. And I'm clearly the same sucker :-)

Mirrors among the trees

The garden colony at the edge of the forest, all deserted now

Water and ice

Having fun :-)

Winter beauty


And another close-up. No idea why she stuck her foot in front of the camera :-)

A chair (Forest nymphs? Santa Claus? Dog walkers respite?)

Making a new friend (who is much better equipped for this weather)

Time to go home before her stomach turns into an ice clump from all the snow she eats

Wishing you the most wonderful day!

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